A super easy way to organise information, explore ideas and improve your revision.

What is a mindmap?

Mindmaps are diagrams which consist of one central starting point which you then add several different branches to. Each branch relates to a different idea and you keep expanding until you’ve added all the information you need to.

How is a mindmap useful?

If your brain is full to the brim with lots of excellent ideas, but they’re all tangled up this is the perfect way to get them all down in an orderly way. It also helps show how they all link together.

Why create a mindmap?

If you’re a visual learner, this resource is your best friend. Linking all your different ideas within a single topic means you can (at a glance) notice trends and relationships while also being able to focus on smaller details too.

Let's get started!

Check out our quick video. We run through how you can create your very own mindmap and how you can make the most of your revision to help you get the best grades.

Pay nothing to create your mindmap study resource

At Get Revising you can create as many resources as you want for free. And because you can use your mindmap for any type of study, from essay planning to revision, you’ll be able to use them all year round without paying anything.

Why are mindmaps from Get Revising so unique?

Creating a mindmap on Get Revising gives you the ability to fully customise the colours of your resource as well as add in images and links to other websites. Using different colours for each key concept will help organise your thinking and keep your ideas on track.

How to use your mindmap creatively

This study resource is perfect for getting all the little pieces of in-depth information down and seeing how they fit together to create the bigger picture. Don’t conflict yourself by just using mindmaps to understand the relationships between ideas – use them to help with your essay planning or to generate ideas for an upcoming art project.