Complex puzzles to get your revision going.

What are Crosswords?

Exactly like the ones in the Sunday newspapers, our crosswords are black and white grid structures which require you to fill in the white spaces. But instead of general knowledge, it’s your study topics you’ll need to get to grips with.

How are Crosswords useful?

Take a guilt free break from intensive revision and have a bit of fun, safe in the knowledge that you’re still learning. Crosswords can help your revision and improve your spelling.

Why create a Crossword?

Creating a crossword with pen and paper would take a lot of time and effort. Save plenty of time and get on with revising by creating your crossword with Get Revising.

Let's get started!

Walk through the crossword creation process with this short video!

Completely free to create 

It couldn’t be easier to create your completely unique study resources at Get Revising. All you need to do is sign up – there’s no need to pay anything! Once you’ve signed up you are free to create and complete as many resources as you wish. 

Why Get Revising?

Alongside crosswords, we’ll also generate quiz searches and flashcards out of the information you’ve given us - so you can study the same topic in lots of different ways. Why not time yourself against the clock, and see how you compare to other members of the Get Revising community?

Need some inspirational ways to use your Crossword for revision?

When you feel like your revision is starting to slip, mix up your method by making a crossword - it’ll liven up your learning experience without letting you lose focus. Try to think cryptically when creating your questions and then test yourself against the clock.