Create a Revision Resource

Use one of our tools to create a great revision resources. Not only does the process of making your resource help you to learn but re-using it and testing yourself helps too. You can also share your resource with others to help them learn.

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Pick a tool to get started

  • Create your Study Planner

    Organise your revision for any deadline or exam. Tell us what you’re studying and when you’re free to revise. We’ll plan out your timetable to help you get those grades.

  • Flashcards

    Create small cards with questions on the front, answers on the back.

  • Revision Cards

    Break topics into manageable chunks to make them easier to learn (A5 size).

  • Revision notes

    Share detailed notes on a topic.

  • Quizzes

    Create fun, educational quizzes to test yourself and friends.

  • Mindmaps

    Create a diagram to chart the relationships within a topic.

  • Crosswords

    Create fun crosswords for when you need a break from intense revision.

  • Organise your thinking

    Analyse the key elements of topic.

  • Quizsearches

    Create a unique combination of a quiz and a wordsearch.

  • Shared resources

    Share educational notes, presentations, websites, videos and podcasts.