Trends & Patterns - Sociology A Level OCR


how many main trends and patterns have i studied?

what are they?

are marriage rates increasing or decreasing?

how many people out of 1000 will get married?

how many reasons do the new right give for marriage declining? what are the reasons?

why do feminists think the decline in marriages is good?

is cohabitation increasing or decreasing?


is divorce increasing or decreasing?

how many people out of 1000 will get divorced?

when did divorce peak?

why was this?

why may people want to get divorced?

how may reasons do post modernists give for reasons for divorce / not getting married?what are they?

are birth rates increasing or decreasing?

what is the average no. of children a family will have?

why is this?

is the ageing population increasing or decreasing?

why is this?

average age men and women live till? 

most popular 3 family types in uk in order?

2 reasons family size has decreased?

2 reasons why marriage has declined?

2 reasons for high divorce rates in UK 

2 reasons cohabitation is increasing?

2 reasons for the growth of single parent families?

2 reasons for growth of single person households

what are the 3 reasons for family diversity?

examples of effective law changes in the UK?

what effects has secularisation had on family types?

why do the new right think marriage is in decline?

example of how social class effects family types?


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