The Theory of Evolution


The Theory of Evolution


  • There is strong scientific evidence - physiological,fossil and bio-geographical - to support Darwin's ideas
  • Since the 19th century, when Darwin forwarded his theories advances in scientific understanding have clarified and reinforced his ideas on natural selection
  • Richard Dawkins,and eminent biologist, has shown that life can develop itself into increasingly complex forms and totally rejects the idea of an external designer
  • Evidence from geologists and palaeontologists also support the process of evolution
  • Some Christians have used Darwin's theory to reinforce their idea of God as an ever-working God rather than a God who occasionally 'interferes' in the universe he created
  • Some Christians believe that God started the process of evolution. The probability of life starting by chance,they claim is virtually impossible


  • The theory of evolution is criticised for a lack of evidence including missing links and inconsistencies
  • It is a theory and not a fact
  • The history of science shows how theories can change and in some cases be discarded altogether
  • Creationists also argue that science has limitations and that it has been very wrong in the past
  • Science is unable to provide a complete account of the origin of life. There is still a lack of comprehensive agreement on how natural selection began
  • The human brain, which greatly exceeds the demands required by the evolutionary process, gives credence to the idea that human beings were made special by God
  • It only tells us how life originated, it doesn't tell us why. It offers nothing for the greater understanding about the purpose of life


There is evidence which backs up Darwin's theories and modern science has reinforced his ideas about natural selection. Also some Christians believe that it shows an ever-working God, so there is still space for a creator God. However there are missing links in the theory of evolution and it is still only a theory, theories can change.


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