The New deal 1932-1936

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The New deal Impacts on the economy


  • New Deal focussed on three rs: relief, recover, reform
  • revitalised USA's infrastructure
  • role of government changed
  • the welfare of people became federal responsibility
  • FERA and WPA offered help and hope
  • Social Security Act 1935 -- national system of unemployment benefit and pensions
  • turning point and set the precedent for future measures
  • restored confidence in the government and the banks
  • banking system was centralised in 1935
  • worst excesses of Wall Street were removed
  • industrial relations were improved with the recognition of labor unions
  • National Labor Relations Board-- perceived the industrial disputes and put them to rest
  • federal expansion under Roosevelt became permanent
  • Profound impact on the infrastructure
  • Alphabet Agencies
  • WPA 1935-1943 huge production of buildings for civil purposes


  • wasn't a coherent programme of relief and recovery
  • a proficient way of maintaining a balanced budget
  • wasn't a solution but was a conservative solution that attempted to improve things
  • attempted to fix the capitalist system
  • many Americans were unemployed once they finished their work with the Alphabet Agencies
  • not enough was provided in pensions and benefits
  • economic recovery was sluggish
  • Roosevelt didn't spend enough to stop investment in the private sector
  • Failed to reform the Supreme Court


Federal government had to kick Start the economy economy had not brought back true recovery and reformnew deal transformed the usa with larger federal improvement 


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