James I and Parliament


James I and Parliament


  • Goodwin vs Fortescue, 1604, dispute over an MP for Buckinghamshire, James originally stood for the Court of Chancery's right to decide but he compromised and accepted that parliament should be judge in undisputed elections
  • Petition from parliament about corruption in Purveyance in 1604, James issued 'Prevention of Abuses in Purveyance' (but didn't really reform the system
  • Parliament of 1624: £300,000 was given to James as subsidies for war


  • Parliament were distrustful of James due to his large expenditure, his 'immoral court' and the fact he was Scottish
  • Shirley's Case, 1604, MP arrested for debt, parliament claimed this was a breach of their right as he was arrested whilst sitting
  • Union of Scotland and England, 1604-7, James was very disappointed about parliament's blocking of this due to their prejudice and complications over law systems
  • Parliament wanted to abolish the Court of Wards in 1604 as it was ineffective and outdated, but James saw it as a prerogative right
  • Gunpowder Plot 1605, Parliament though James should have been harsher in the treatment of Catholics after the plot
  • Impositions, 1606, John Bates refused to pay them and went to court and lost, a whole new set of impositions were put on imports as a result which parliament saw as a breach of their rights as they had no control over it
  • 'Apology of the House of Commons' in 1606 summed up parliament's rights, it was aimed to how James had too much prerogative power but it was never actually presented to him
  • Addled Parliament of 1614- James needed money for his children but parliament presented petitions about oppositions, no subsidies were agreed and James did not call parliament again till 1621
  • Overbury Scandal on 1615 highlighted the corruption in James' court with his royal favourites, lowered respect
  • The rise of George Villiers as royal favourite 1618-28 (put forward by Cecil) caused resentment among the gentry class
  • Factions had differing view on Spanish foreign policy, the Howards (pro-Spanish) and the Anti-Howards (Buckingham)
  • Lack of trust in James' financial abilities after the failure of the Cockayne Project in 1617
  • Parliament distrustful of James due to the Spanish Match
  • Parliament of 1621: problems over monpolies, Mompesson was impeached to outcry, James wanted a million pounds for an army to Europe but they only granted him £140,000, problems over the Spanish match, wanted harsher laws against Catholics
  • James went to Newmarket half way through and wouldn't let parliament discuss matters of state, he was angered by a letter from Charles saying parliament was 'prostituting his marriage'
  • House of Commons drew up a Protestation which asserted their rights, signed by 470 MPs, James rejected this and dissolved parliament, he tore out the page in the record
  • Parliament of 1624: post the Madrid trip, worried about conversion to Catholicism, legislation passed to end monopolies to the individual (against royal prerogative), still the same problems about religion and foreign policy


"A body without a head...I am obliged to put up with what I can't rid of"Major misunderstanding between the two, but this was a lot due to parliament's conservatism and prejudiceWHIG THEORY- since Henry VIII, parliament had been trying to assert their rights and opinions moreHowever he was brought up to respect parliament, shown with the 'Trew Laws of the Treaty of Monarchies' which he wrote for Henry


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