Ct Scanner and Ordinary X-Ray machine

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Ct Scanner and Ordinary X-Ray machine


  • Both images distinguish between bone and soft tissue


  • A CT scanner distinguishes between different types of soft tissue
  • A CT scanner gives a three-dimensional image
  • CT scanners give much higher radiation doses
  • CT equipment is much more expensive

Overall comparison

Overall, I would say that although a CT scanner gives a much clearer idea of what is happening inside the area of interest, X-Ray machines are cheaper, safer and are therefore more suitable for less serious injuries like broken bones, whereas CT scans are suitable for head injuries.


Miss KHP


Great for AQA triple science. 

I suggest you lay out your practice of long answer questions like this. So you have the answers, now you just need to remember it. Why not write the answers into a paragraph? Because it is important to have good quality written work, add a conclusion- just a simple one, a bit like this.