Britain's Uncodified Constitution

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Britain's Uncodified Constitution


  • It is easily flexible and allows more many different interpretations, allowing Parliament a lot of power to enact laws.
  • Changes to the constitution can be made easily eg. Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly, Scottish Independence Referendum
  • Policies can be quickly pushed through in times of need eg. 2008 Northern Rock banking crisis


  • The general population may be confused about what rights they have, as it is not clearly laid out eg. wearing burkas in schools
  • We have to rely on outside influences for our consitution eg. ECHR
  • Powers can be abused if constitutional right of leader is unclear eg. Blair passing through contreversial laws, tuition fees, Iraq War


On the whole, it seems as if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for Britain having an non-codified constitution, as with this system, Parliament has more power to pass through laws and make needed policies without restriction, such as in 2008 with the Northern Rock banking crisis. 


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