simon the pharisee

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  • Simon the Pharisee
    • 2. A sinful woman entered with a jar of perfume
    • 1. Jesus was having dinner with a rich pharisee called Simon
    • 3. As she wept, she washed Jesus's feet with her tears
    • 4. She dried his feet with her hair and put perfume on his feet
    • 5. Simon was shocked. he thought that if Jesus was a real prophet he would know she was a sinner
    • 6. Jesus told Simon a parable about a money lender and two debtors
    • 9. Jesus asked which of the debtors would love  the moneylender more
    • 8. The money lender cancelled both debts
    • 7. In the parable, one debtor owed 500 denarii and the other owed 50
    • 10. Simon answered "The one who owed the most"
    • 11. Jesus said that Simon had failed to act as the woman had
    • 12. Simon had not given him a kiss, Simon had not washed his feet and put perfume on him.
    • 13. The many woman's sins had been forgiven as she loved Jesus so much. Her faith had saved her
  • 8. The money lender cancelled both debts


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