English Language Paper 1: Section A (exams 2017+)

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  • English Language Paper 1: Section A
    • Question 1
      • State 4 things about the text
      • e.g. Boxer is an old horse. Boxer is ill. Boxer lives on animal farm. Boxer is male.
      • 4 marks in total
    • Question 2
      • Structure of answer
        • Opening 'several ways' sentence
        • 3 key language features in separate, detailed paragraphs with analysis.
        • Concluding 1-2 sentences summing up main points.
      • This question is always asking about language.
        • e.g. How does the writer use language between lines 5 and 15 to describe the boy playing?
      • 8 marks in total
    • Question 3
      • Out of 24 marks in total
      • Aim  for 6-9 paragraphs, including the conclusion and introduction
        • Introduction should be short, concise, and no longer than 3 lines long.
        • Conclusion should be short and concise, around 5 lines long. It should sum up all the main points that you mentioned in your paragraphs.
        • State language feature, state example and work it into a sentence, what it tells us about our focus, it's effect on the reader e.g. Topic/perspective shifts, contrasts, juxtaposition,timed appearance etc.
        • Do about 3 language paragraphs, 3 structure paragraphs
        • For each structure paragraph: name structural feature, select eg, it's effect, link back to question
        • In every evaluative paragraph, write about your own ideas of focus, evaluate, how the writer has done this, support your ideas with quotes,  use the words: perhaps, might, could be - USE DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES




There's 4 questions for section A not 3

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