Women in Politics

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  • Women in Politics
    • Whilst attitudes have become more sympathetic, there still remains a deep-seated sexism in politics
    • Nearly 80 years after all women got the vote, the political system still represents inequalities between the sexes
      • There has only ever been one female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher
    • Representation
      • Majors first cabinet contained no women at all
      • Men currently outnumber women in parliament by 4 to 1
      • Currently, in a cabinet of 23, only 4 are women
      • Devolved assemblies are slightly higher represented with 42% women in the welsh assembly and 36% in the scottish assembly
      • 32% of councillors are women but only 12.3% are council leaders
      • Only 13.3% are elected majors and 14.6% of police and crime commissioners
    • The hours of MPs have been known to be very unsociable and not family friendly, which puts women and a further disadvantage
      • Previous legislation has attempted to make change this
      • In July 2012, MP's voted to make sitting hours more 'people friendly'
        • Tuesdays will end business at 7pm rather than 10.30pm
        • Thursdays will end business at 5pm rather than 6.30pm
        • Mondays will now be the only late sitting


Old Sir


This is a very useful snapshot of some of the factors aimed at facilitating proportionate female involvement in the UK parliament of 2010. However, not really a mind-map in that it does not provide much in terms of lines of argument.

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