Weaknesses of the Mid Tudor Monarchs

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  • Weaknesses of the Mid Tudor Monarchs
    • Issues with a minority rule
      • Could not lead troops into battle
      • Made factional struggles worse
      • Gave opportunity's for noble to exploit and manipulate the King
      • Many previous minority rules had lead to civil wars - Henry 111 came to the throne at the age of 9 and there was unrest but eventually the country was ruled well
    • Weaknesses in government
      • Long and costly wars with against France and Scotland had led to rising food prices and falling wages
      • Debasement of the coinage during Henry's reign created 1.3 million but also led to inflation
      • Henry created the Regency council for his sons minority rule balanced between reformists and Catholics
        • reformists section had more power during the last of Henry's reign and kept his death a secret for a few days to sure up their power and for Somerset to excercise virtual royal authority
        • Henry wanted 16 councilors with equal power so Somerset's seizure to power went against Henry's will
      • Denny and Paget likely drew up Henry's will and wishes for the council after he was too ill to change it
    • Somerset's seizure to power
      • Somerset (Seymore) collected Edward and presented him to the council who named him as the Lord Protector
      • Somerset used another part of Henrys will to promote the councilors to Lords. He used his position to build up wealth and power
      • Somerset bought off the opposition from Wriothsey by making hum Earl of Southampton
      • By 1547 Somerset had sole power and was effectively substitute King
      • Somerset was uncle of the King and had a strong reputation as a soldier
      • An anti-Somerset faction was created (a group of people that disliked his methods and policies Paget and Southampton ), lead by Warwick as he was credited by crushing rebels in 1549
        • Warwick used his army to arrest Somerset in 1549. He gained support of the royal household and Paget
        • Somerset was released to help defeat Southampton but he plotted against Warwick so was executed
    • Mary's gender
      • The only previous English Queen was Matilda in the 12th century caused a Civil War
      • Many felt that a woman couldn't:
        • Control factions
        • Lead an army into battle
        • Lead properly whilst married - she would have to play a subservient position to her husband
      • Mary's marriage to Phillip was a leading cause of the Wyatt's rebellion
      • Mary's leadership was strong when she created an army in order to become Queen


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