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  • Vectors and Vector Geometry
    • Vectors represent a movement of a certain size in a certain direction
    • Vector notations
      • There are several ways to write vectors
      • Column vectors: these are two numbers in brackets. One on top saying either how may left or right nd one o the bottom saying how many up or down.
      • Two capital letters such as AB with an arrow over the top of them means from point A to B
    • Multiplying a vector by a scalar
      • Multiplying a vector by a positive number changes the vectors size but not its direction
      • Multiplying a vector by a negative number the direction changes
    • Adding and subtracting vectors
      • a add b means to go along a then b
      • c subtract d menas to go along c then backward along d
      • When adding and subtracting column vectors do the top and bottom seperately


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