Transfer Of Learning

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  • Transfer Of Learning
    • Positive Transfer
      • Involves previously learnt skills helping the development of a new skill. the sports must  be similar
        • Smash in Badminton and then moving to tennis
        • Tactical awareness in football then playing hockey
    • Negative Transfer
      • involves previously learnt skills hindering to development of new skills
        • Cant generate power in smash in tennis after badminton
        • In pool covering the pocket and the playing snooker and giving away points
    • Bilateral Transfer
      • Involves the transfer of learning from one limb across to another. often the dominant limb aiding weaker in order to improve and develop
        • In football passing off both feet
        • Learning to pass off both hands in rugby
    • Proactive Transfer
      • Where the skills being learnt now will aid skill developments in the future. this can also being starting basic and increasing difficulty
        • Learning tennis forehand shot before the smash
        • in football dribble through cones before through and around defenders
    • Retroactive Transfer
      • When the skill being developed has an effect on one that has previously been learnt.
        • Being a goalkeeper in football then going to hockey and building up reaction time then going back to football
        • before developing advanced shots revisit basic technique and alter
    • Zero    Transfer
      • Occurs when one skill has no impact on the learning or developing of another
        • A badminton smash has no effect of breaststroke in swimming
        • Catching a ball in cricket has no effect on a golf swing


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