The Six Beliefs of Islam

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  • The Six Beliefs of Islam
    • Tawhid
      • Belief in the unity of God
      • From the Qur'an we can see that Islam is strictly monotheistic with the fact that there is no plural of the work Allah and the fact it is directly translated into God
      • This is extremely important, as if you do not believe in this it is considered 'shirk' (worship of a false idol)- which is considered the worst of sins
        • This is why many muslims are rejecting of westerners- because they believe we worship false idols
      • Muslims believe in the design argument and believe the universe was created by Allah- this is an essential part of his unity
      • Muslims believe that God has powers- God is self dependent, he is powerful of everything, he has a plan for the wrold and the power to make that happen, God knows everything past present and future, he can change what happens, he is infinite
    • Risalah
      • Belief in the prophets
      • For Muslims the unity and greatness of God means he cannot directly communicate with humans and yet his mercy and compassion means he cannot leave them to make a mess of their lives
      • According to the Qur'an God appointed Adam to be the Gods vice regent on earth so all humans are vice regents. With this people are responsible for looking after the planet  the way God wants. They cannot do this if they do not know what God wants them to do
    • Akirah
      • This meands the afterlife
      • For Muslims many believe that life is simply a preparation and determines what life you will follow after the day of judgement
      • The Qur'an teaches that when you die ytour soul does not go straight to heaven or hell, you will wait till the day of judgement  (barazah) in yourr grave, on the day of judgment your soul and bofy will be rejoined and the raised person will come out of the grave
        • During the Barzakh it is thought that your soul may sleep or you will hover in your grave. Some say that when you die you are visited by the angel of death Izrail who will question you about your faith, if you reply with the shahadah you will be shown your place in heaven if not you wil be beaten by clubs until the day of judgement
      • The day of judgement: the Qur'an states that you are made to stand naked in front of Allah. Each person will be given z book of there life to read out and to God. Thise given the book in their right hand will go to heaven, those given it in their left hand will go to hell
    • Al'qadr
      • Means everything in the universe is following a master plan  (a simple conclusion to tawhid)
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