The Rump 1649-53

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  • The Rump
    • Successes
      • Ended rebellions in Ireland and Scotland, creating stability, also helping navy (Capp)
      • Did introduce some religious reform such as remvoing compulsory attendance to a national church
      • Politically helped establish Commonwealth by Abolishing HofL and Monarchy. (Barnard- did well in context.) Also helped facilitate selling of Royalist, Church and Crown land to pay arrears.
    • Failures
      • Politically Conservative- only 21 MPs in council of state justified the regicide. Engagement and Treason Act were criticised by Lilburne (ENCD)
      • Religiously Conservative- Blasphemy Act and Mosaic Law criticised by John Milton
      • Self-perpetuating (Smith) made up of elite and sitting 11 yrs. 'You have sat here too long for the good that you do' (Cromwell)- Woolrych- ripped up bill contained 'recruiter elections'
      • Finance was bad- £1 million debt by 1653 made worse by Anglo-Dutch war failure, also making enemy of Protestant ally


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