The Qur'an

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  • The Qur'an
    • How can the Qur'an be the living word of Allah?
      • Firstly, it is written in the most beautiful Arabic possible
        • Since this is so perfect the Arabic text is the only translation that is considered the real Qur'an as it would not be the direct word of God without this
      • It is the only miracle that Muhammed performed and all prophets performed a miracle
      • Muhammed was illiterate so could not have written the Qur'an himself
      • There are no differences between copies of the Qur'an
    • Muslims believe the Qur'an is the direct revelation of God, it tells Muslims everything they need to know about the religion and guides Muslims on how to lead their lives
    • Before touching a copy the Qur'an muslims must perform wudu which is a ritual of cleaning
      • It must be kept on a shelf higher than other books and when the copy has born out it must be respectably disposed of by either burial or burning
      • Muslims believe intentionally insulting the Qu'ran is a form of blasphemy
    • Muhammad  recited what God had told him, and so the Qur'an was created through the revelation of Allah
    • The development of the Qur'an according to non-muslim Scholars
      • Some say that Muhammed put down verses that he claimed to be of divine origin , these circulated after his death. They point to the differing structures and styles in the text,  concluding it is a collection of human processes
      • They allege that Islam was formed slowly over the centuries after the Muslim conquesin which the Islamic conquerors elaborated their beliefs in response to Judaism and Christanity
      • Fred Donner: if it was created during the Muslim conquests there would be historical evidence to back up these claims
      • There is no evidence that points to Muhammad as the sole creator of the Qur'an
    • Essential teachings of the Qur'an
      • Allah is one whom besides no other God can exit- Tawhid- belief in the unity of God
        • He  is the master of the day of Judgement, he  is in control of everything, knows  of everything  past, present and future, he can change events, he has a plan
      • People are responsible to Allah for there deeds
      • There will be a day of Judgement following the ressurection
      • The  damned wil suffer in hell and the blessed will enjoy the pleasures of heaven
      • Humanities duties are to believe in Allah, help the poor and not decieve others in businesses
      • The purpose of humaniy is to submit to the will of Allah
    • The importance of the Qur'an to muslims
      • Motivates them to submit to Allah so they can enter paradise, proves there is a God


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