The Human Condition

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  • The Human Condition
    • This is how the religion of Islam sees the nature of humans, how they where created and what there relationship with God is
    • Muslims believe that God created humans as the pinnacle of creation
      • Nothing is superior to humans except God himself
      • With this humans must take responsibility for their actions and be aware of the consequences for the their actions
    • All humans are of equal value before God
      • We all have a spiritual nature called 'rouh' (soul) this needs to be excersised to produce a better person
    • With our creation we are supplied with the sense of right and wrong
      • This is important to muslims as he key to Islam is the submission of Gods will
        • The refusal to not submit or disobey Gods will is called Shirk, which in its crudest form is idol worship
      • With this life becomes a test to see if we will submit to Gods will, if we do not then we will be punished in Akira
      • To guide this we are given the Qur'an, the perfect man of Muhammad, the five pillars and the Sharia.


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