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  • The Enabling Act was the most important factor in allowing Hitler to consolidate his power from 1933-34
    • Reichstag fire
      • German Parliment on fire
        • German blames communist- Van der Lubbe
          • Hitler persuades Hinderberg to disperse/disban comminust party
            • gives other parties more power
    • The Night of the Long Knives - consolidated power over his party
      • Hitler kills people from his own party who threaten his power
      • 30 June 1934-2 July 1934
        • short and brutal
    • The death of President Hindenburg -August 1934
      • allows Hitler to control army
        • gives Hitler complete and total power over Germany
    • Wall Street crash
      • stock prices prices fell
      • lack of money
        • high unemployment
          • Untitled
    • Beer Hall Putsch
      • Hitler took over to get support for his Nazi Party
        • arrested and put in prison for 9 months
          • Mein Kampf
            • voices/writes his opinions
    • Treaty of Versailles 1919
      • Germany owes countries A LOT of money
        • puts Germany in debt
          • can't pay- people starving/unemployed
            • Hitler plays to peoples fears- they want a leader
    • gives Hitler power to make laws without going to Parliment/president
      • 3/4 Reichstag agreed


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seig heil



This is actually good! The facts are a ccurate

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