The US Containment Policy

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  • The US containment policy
    • When and why did the US fall out with USSR?
      • Following revolution (soured relationship)
      • US didn't like communism
        • Lenin set up Comintern (aim to spread communism)
        • Communism v. Capitalism
      • 1939 Nazis-Soviet Pact
    • Wartime allies to Cold War enemies
      • 1941 - Operation Barbarossa
      • Common enemies (Adolf Hitler, Hirohito)
      • Yalta and Potsdam Conference 1945 saw re-appearance of disagreements
        • Appearance of Stalin's intention to occupy countries it advanced through
        • Disagreements over Gr and Poland
        • Atomic bombs
        • More and more clashes over territory (Iran, Turkey, etc.)
      • War of words
      • Clash of personalities (Truman and Stalin)
      • Stalin claims to creating buffer zone, West saw it as 'Rampant Soviet expansionism'
    • Biography of George Kennan
      • American adviser, diplomat, political scientist and CW historian
      • 'Father of Containment', developed Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan
      • Criticised official US policies after his ideas had shaped them and lost influence to Dean Acheson as Secretary of State in 1949 - resigned saying aggressive US strategy
      • Prominence in international affairs continued from 1954 to his death in 2005
    • George Kennan's Long Telegram and US containment policy
      • GK was leading State Department expert on USSR
      • Feb 1946, State Department asked him for explanation of increasingly anti-American tone of Soviet speeches
        • Responded with 8000-word 'Long-Telegram'
          • Described Soviet antagonism was not result of any American actions but due to Soviet Government's need to exaggerate external threats in order to maintain domestic legitimacy
      • GK depicted the Soviet's as aggressive and this became Orthodox Western interpretation of origins of CW - successive US administrations would blame conflict on Soviet expansionism


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