The Eightfold Path

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  • The Eightfold Path
    • Right View: Having the right view/ perspective and understanding on any situation, e.g accepting the Dhamma as the basis of life.
    • Right Intention: The right motivation when following the Buddhist path. Doing it for the right reasons.
    • Right Speech: Speaking in a way that is not harmful, do not lie, gossip or speak harshly. Be honest and kind in speech.
    • Right Action: Don't destroy life, steal overindulge the senses, lie, or cloud mind with intoxicants. Act peacefully and with honour.
    • Right Livelihood: A Buddhists work should not include weapons, animals for slaughter, slavery or intoxicants.
    • Right Effort: Should put in the right amount of effort when doing anything, a Buddhist will see the best in everyone.
    • Right Mindfulness: Having the right things at the forefront of your mind, recognising unconscious motives and impulses.
    • Right Concentration: Training the mind through meditation. Focusing only on the truths of life.


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