The Arms Race: 1955-84

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  • The Arms Race: 1955-84
    • The 2nd Arms Race: Missiles
      • By 1957, the USSR had caught up and had developed an inter-continental ballistic missile
        • A successful missile strike could neutralise the launch of an enemy counter-attack
      • The USA overestimated the number and quality of Soviet missiles and began a missile race
    • Mutually Assured Destruction
      • Both sides knew that attacks would lead to devastating retaliatory strikes
      • The USSR created missiles that could target the USA's missile silos
        • The USA created their own in response
      • The arms race was focused on:
        • developing more destructive warheads
        • increasing the target accuracy
        • developing systems to intercept missiles
      • The SALT talks in the 1970s tried to control the arms race
    • Star Wars
      • The arms race restarted in 1980 with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the election of Reagan
      • Reagan feared the power of the USSR's SS20 missiles
        • He funded the development of missiles and a space laser defense programme
      • This went against the 1972 agreements and pressured the USSR to compete even though they didn't have the funds
    • The Unstoppable Arms race
      • the arms race perpetuated the Cold War but also prevented it from turning hot due to MAD
      • it lead to a dangerous environment
        • e.g. 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
      • Talks to end it didn't work due to the pressure from tech developments and mutual suspicion


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