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  • Succession after 1547
    • Mary I
      • 1553-1558
      • Corinated age 37. Concerns over Gender
      • Concerns around Mary's gender: Coludn't control faction, lead an army or look strong
        • Concerns it was against god for a woman to rule - John Knox
        • Society patriarchal - male have more power over women, Queen would still have to subserviant to husband
      • Catholic
      • Concerns over marriage: foreigners may attempt to take over thone, Englishmen may try to get too much power
        • Marriage to Philip 2nd Spain- drew up contract that he would not attempt to rule England and would not become heir to the throne in event of Mary's death
          • Dragged into Spanish War 1556 - lost last stronghold in France
      • Wyatt rebellion - organised by Wyatt and nobles/ eleites. Protestant rebellion- Calvinist
        • Planned in 4 places only occured in Ken. Made it to London
        • Stopped by Mary's speach and that she refused to leave London.
      • Unable to control faction- marriage and privy council too large to be effective. Inner council 1555, commities 1554
      • Main concerns seem to be over religion
    • Edward VI
      • Corinated in 1547 aged 9
        • Minor, Edward Seymore Duke of Somerset became regent and lord protector until the king was old enough
      • Health deteriated 1553 - Devise for the succession
        • Made Lady Jane Grey heir if there were no male heirs of the Grey family before his death
          • Unlikely for male heir due to health deteriating at fast speed
          • Set up by Somerset, planning on marriage to his son, would have gave him more power
            • Minor, Edward Seymore Duke of Somerset became regent and lord protector until the king was old enough
          • Grey was protestant, wanted to keep England protestant - increased reformation within religion - Mary was Catholic
      • Concerns around Edward's age: couldn't control faction, lead into battle or look strong
      • Regancy Council- or reformists - Seymore & catholics - Gardnier and Norfolk
      • 1547-1553
    • Act for Succession - made Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate after birth of Edward
      • Third Act of Succession 1543 made them legitimate again


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