Straight line graphs, Congruency, Similarity, Transformations and vectors.

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  • Straight line graphs.    Plane isometric transformation Plane vector geometry. Similarity. Congruency.
    • plotting straight lined graps + its general form
    • Gradient, finding out the formula of the graph
    • X and Y interceps
    • Sketching graphs
    • Parallel lines
      • Perpendicular lines
        • Equation of tangent to circle
    • coulomb vectors (Negative, positive, horizontal, vertical)
      • Adding and subtracting vectors
        • Multiplying vectors
    • Reflections
      • Translations
        • Rotations
    • Enlargements + its centre of enlarging and its properties
      • Fractional, negative and positive Scale facors
        • Similarity in area, volume and triangles
    • Congruent triangles and harder proffs


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