The Literal Rule - Statutory Interpretation

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    • Facts and Cases
      • Plain, ordinary, literal, dictionary meaning
      • Do not consider external factors
      • words given same meaning - different contexts
      • parliamentary supremacy
      • prevents judicial law making
      • manifest absurdity
      • do not consider intentions of parliament
      • Lord Esher
      • Whiteley v Chappell
      • LNER v Berrimen
      • Fisher v Bell
    • Advantages
      • Respects parliamentary supremacy
      • Prevent judicial law making
      • Creates certainty
      • Application can highlight problems
      • Effective decision making
    • Disadvantages
      • Absurd results
      • Unjust results
      • Inflexable
      • Wrongly assumes it is perfect
      • Wrongly assumes words only have one meaning


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Simple, yet effective mind map with the key points of the literal rule with evaluation

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