Sociology- Marriage

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  • Marriage
    • Reasons for change
      • Secularisation- less influence of the church
      • Declining stigma of marriage alternatives
      • Changes in the position of women- Do not want to be oppressed by patriachal marriage
      • Fear of divorce- Many marriages end in divorce (50%)
    • Types of change
      • People are marrying older. Average age rose by 7 years between 1971 and 2012
      • Couples are less likely to marry in a church
      • More remarriages (1/3 of weddings occur between divorcees)
      • Less people are choosing to get married
    • Alternatives to marriage
      • Cohabitation
        • Chester- can be like a 'trial marriage'
      • Same sex relationships
        • Chosen families
          • Jeffrey Weeks- gay relationships choose friends to act as support- often to replace unsupportive family
        • since 2014 same sex couples are able to marry
      • One person households
        • Living apart together
          • Duncan and Phillips- 1 in 10 adults are in a relationship but dont live in the same house
            • no longer seen as abnormal
        • 3/10 households are only 1 person
          • Most are 65+


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