Simnel was more threatening than Warbeck. How far do you agree?

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  • Simnel was a larger threat than Warbeck. How far do you agree?
    • Military
      • Simnel gathered an army of 2,000 mercenaries.
        • Warbeck coincided with cornwall tax revolt - 10,000.
          • Mistimed.
      • Simnel had an experienced military and military leader.
        • Warbeck initially had the support of James IV.
      • Simnel and John de la pole successfully drew Henry into battle.
        • Simnel was easily and quickly defeated. Warbeck took years!
    • Support
      • Simnel gained key foreign support - ireland, burgundy..
        • Warbeck gained support from Burgandy, scotland...
          • Scotland and burgandy were quick to remove involvement.
      • Simnel military was made up of mercinaries
        • Warbeck army was more loyal to James IV.
      • John de la pole was a key nobleman - yorkist support.
        • William Stanley went to meet with Warbeck.
          • Executed.
    • Henry's security
      • Henry stated his reign began the day before Bosworth.
        • Gained alot of support.
        • Yorkist fraction still in disagreement
      • The Act of retaining was banned - no noble private armies.
        • Nobles were sparcely involved anyway.
      • It may have been Henrys decision not to go out to battle that makes Warbeck so unthreatening
      • By the time Warbeck came, Henry had secured his position.
        • His position was much weaker in 1489 with Simnel.


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