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  • Science Revision
    • Plants
      • Photosynt-hesis
        • carbon dioxide+ water--glucose+ oxygen
        • Happens in the green leaves that contain chlorophyll.It absorbs the suns energy and converts it into chemical energy
        • process where plants make their own food. The carbon dioxide reacts with the water to make glucose and oxygen.
      • Leaves
        • large surface area
        • stomata- pores on the lower surface
        • chloroplast-contains chlorophyll
      • Reproducti-on in plants
        • Female sex organs-carpels
        • Male sex organs- stamens
        • Pollination- the movement of pollen from one flower to another
        • pollen grain germinates and tube passes through stigma to ovule
          • tube bursts and releases male gamete into ovule
            • male gamete joins with female gamete to make embryo.
    • Resources
      • Fossil Fuels
        • coal, oil and gas
        • These resources are called non renewable resources because they will eventually run out
        • have been buried under the ground for millions of years, therefore called fossil fuels
      • ceramics
        • crockery,  heat resistant tiles, heatproof mats, catalytic converters, insulators, bricks
        • group of non metal compound such as clay, sand, glass, oxides.
        • hard, heat resistant, don't corrode, non electrical or heat conductors
      • hydrocarbo-ns
        • contain just hydrogen and carbon atoms
        • when burned form carbon dioxide
    • The human body
      • Breathing and Respiration
        • Aerobic
          • Glucose+ oxygen--carbon dioxide+ water+ energy
          • In our bodies the glucose reacts with the oxygen and gives us energy
        • anaerobic
          • this respiration does not need oxygen, just the glucose. 5% of our respiration is releases anaerobica-lly
          • it produces lactic acid that causes cramps
      • smoking
        • damages walls of alveoli, makes a person short of breath, can cause emphysem-a, can cause cancer when the cells are damaged


Amelia Mackay


This is my revision for year eight end of year exam for biology

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