Russia 1894

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  • Russia 1894
    • Foreign relations
      • Russia feared by west most of 19.C due to expansions being threatening
      • Concerned to exert authority in Caucasus region
      • Involved in Crimean War (1853-56), Russo-Turkish (1877-78)
      • Fell out with Austria. alliances made with France and Prussia
    • Economy
      • Russia well behind industrialised nations (USA, UK, GER)
      • Economic activity related mostly to agriculture
      • Financial and banking sectors didn't really exist
      • Economic growth been very slow
      • Some industrial progress but most activity was small scale
    • Society
      • Urbanisation had started and industrial workforce had begun to grow
      • Serious social unrest over living and working conditions, especially in countryside
      • Despite freedom and access to land under Alexander II, peasants still unhappy with quality and quantity
      • Peasants controlled by mir, headed by village elders
      • Landed gentry and nobility dominated society. small middle class
      • Tsars before N.II implemented reforms to improve working and living conditions
    • Politics and Government
      • Members of gov selected by Tsar
      • Ruled by autocratic Tsar, whose powers said to be ordained by God
      • Gov based in St.Petersburg
      • Elites were concerned Russia was falling behind Western Europe and would become a second-rate power
      • Gov made use of secret police to maintain orer
    • Empire
      • Population: 1815 = 40m 1897 = 125m
      • minority groups wanted independence
      • lots of diversity (language, religion, culture)
      • 8 million sq miles, 5000 x 2000 miles
      • Most lived in European Russian. Many in Moscow and St.P
    • Religion
      • Through urbanisation, appeared more detached from wants and needs of population
      • Conservative body
      • Supported authority of Tsar
      • Dominated by Russian Orthodox (christian)


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