Roles of House of Commons, House of Lords, and The Crown

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  • Roles
    • House of Commons
      • Where most new bills are introduced.
      • Debate Government policy and hold the Government to account.
      • Scrutinise and amend proposed legislation.
      • Debate matters of current concern.
      • Represent views of the electorate.
    • House of Lords
      • Where some bills are introduced.
      • Scrutinise and amend proposed legislation including Government proposals.
      • Scrutinise proposed EU legislation.
      • Question the Government and debate legislative proposals.
      • Debate policy issues and matters of current concern.
      • Delay legislation so as to allow further time to research and consult.
    • Crown
      • Open each parliamentary session and announce Government legislative proposals.
      • Give Royal Assent to all legislations.


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