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  • Reneissance
    • Healers
      • Ambroise Pare
      • Surgeons
      • Andreas Vesalius
      • William Harvey
    • Surgery
      • New methods of treating gun wounds
      • Blood Letting - Harvey challenged this
      • Methods used to reduce bleeding in amputations by pulling out and tying off veins and arteries
    • Anatomy
      • Church now allowed human dissection
      • Harvey discovered that blood circulated around the body
      • Fixed amount of blood in body
    • Ideas about disease
      • Harvey's theory that blood circulated around the body
    • Treatments, prevention and cures
      • New method for amputation to tie off veins and arteries
      • Treated gun wounds
      • Amputations - burnt with red hot iron to stop bleeding
      • Not serious - filled with boiling oil to stop bleeding


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