The Medical Renaissance

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  • Renaissance
    • 1500AD - 1750AD
    • Causes
      • Plagues- one particularly bad plague struck in 1665 (don't confuse with the Black Death).
      • Injuries in battle.
      • Infectious diseases, such as smallpox.
    • Healers
      • Doctors for the rich (e.g Harvey)
      • Barber surgeons.
      • Quacks - untrained people who sold medicine.
      • Women in the home, wise women, midwives for childbirth.
    • Factors for change
      • There were some advances in treatment of war wounds, especially in France with Pare.
      • Treatments for illnesses stayed the same because new ideas like those of Vesalius & Harvey were about understanding the body not about new treatments..
    • Explanations
      • Natural
        • Imbalance of the four humours.
      • Supernatural
        • Illnesses sent by God as punishment.
    • Treatments
      • Supernatural
        • Praying to God for forgiveness.
      • Natural
        • Use of opposites & the four humours (bleeding, purging).
        • Herbal remedies.


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