Religious take Gender, Ethnicity and Disablity

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  • Religious take Gender, Ethnicity and Disablity
    • Gender
      • Buddhism
        • For gender equailty
          • There is a spiritual ceiling (woman have to be reborn as a men before reaching full enlightenment)
          • Bhikhuni have more rules to follow then Bhikkhu
          • Bhikhuni aren't allowed to touch and are not allowed to be in the same  room alone as Bhikkhu
        • Against Gender Equailty
          • All human beings are able to seek enligthenment
          • All sentient being can create good or bad karma, no matter their gender
      • Christianity
        • For Gender Equailty
          • There is neither men nor fmales; for you are all in one with God
          • She opens her hands to the poor and reaches her hands out to the needy
          • She opens her mouth iwht wisdom and the teaching of kindness
          • The story of the woman that was caught in the act of adultery
        • Agianst Gander Equailty
          • Women could only be redeemed if they accpted to be under men
          • is was Adam who was created first, and thne Eve
          • the head of every men is Chirst, the head of woman is men, and the hed of Chirst is God
          • Adam named both animals and the woman thta God bought before him
          • Eve first sin was not eating for the forbidden tree, but stepping out from under Adam's authority
    • Ethnicity
      • Buddhism
        • Against ethnicity equailty
          • they might say that people from an ethincity that are following other relgions are igormant
        • For enthnicity equailty
          • The Buddha went against the outcast system
          • Anyone has a chance to reach enligthenment no matter what ethinicy they are
          • Links wiht the eigthfold path
      • Christianity
        • Against ethnicity equailty
          • there are no different ethincity in high postion in the cathilc chruch
        • For ethnicity equailty
          • Jesus died for eeryone not just a few
          • Love your neighbour as oyu lover yourself
          • There is neither jew nor geek,slave nor free, neither men nor woman;  for you are all one in God
    • Disabilty
      • Buddhism
        • Against disabilty equailty
          • Bad karma in a past life
        • For disabilty equailty
          • Still hvae a chance to reach enlightenment
          • All being suffer in Samsara regardless of thir status and abiltiy
      • Christianity
        • For disabilty equailty
          • Love your neighbours as you love yourslef
          • Made in God image
        • Against disabilty equailty
          • God is descrided as a human bieng without any disabilty
          • The story of the blind man


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