The partcicpation as an individual

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  • Participant as an individual
    • Decresing with age
      • Flexibility
      • Strength
      • Oxygen capacity
      • Recovery
    • Increasing with age
      • skill
    • Disability and sport
      • what has been done to help?
        • Adaptation
          • Sports have been adapted-eg. rules changed
        • Access
          • Disabled people need to get into the lesuire centre so facilities improved eg. ramps, lifts, hoists
        • Parking
          • Disbabled parking spaces near entrance of the centre
        • Provision
          • Specialist coaches and training for teachers is needed eg. Specialist clubs, specialist sessions,
    • males increase/are better at
      • having a good physique
      • Having more strength
    • Females increase/are better at
      • Having more stamina/ cardivascular endurance
      • they have a weaker bone structure
        • Higher chance of injury
      • More flexibility
      • They have increased amounts of fat
    • Physique
      • Ectomorph
        • Narrow shoulders and hips, thin legs and arms, low muscle bulk, low fat
          • Sporting examples: marathon, high jump, basketball, long jump
      • Endomorph
        • Pear shaped body, wide hips, wide shoulders, high body fat, short legs
          • Sporting examples: Wrestler, sumo
      • Mesomorph
        • Wedged shape body, broad shoulders, narrow hips, muscular, large amounts of muscle, low body fat
          • sporting examples Running- 100, 200, 400 metres
    • Weather and environment
      • Wet and slippery, change of direction, speed and accuracy, weight of clothing are all things that affect the sport
      • Pollution affects air quality, training, and health
      • Altitude affects sea level, the benefit of the taining, quality of training, sickness and stamina levels
      • Terrain affects the landscape, training, competiton and the conditions
    • Risk and challenge
      • Risk: The possibility of suffering harm, loss or danger
      • Challenge: A test of your ability of resources in a demanding situation
    • Training
      • Pre-season
      • Peak season
      • post season


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