P11 Forces in Balance

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  • P8 - Forces in Balance
    • P8.1 Vectors + Scalars
      • displacement - distance without change in direction
      • vector - has direction + magnitude
      • scalar - only has magnitude
    • P8.2 Forces between Objects
      • Newton's 3rd law - when two objects interact they exert equal + opposite forces on each other
      • example - driving
        • friction of the road on the tyre - forward direction
        • friction of the tyre on the road - reverse direction
    • P8.3 Resultant Forces
      • single force the has the same effect or stronger effect as all the other forces acting on the object
      • resultant force is zero - balanced + stays at rest
      • resultant force is not zero - not balanced + speed or direction change
      • free body force diagram shows forces acting on object
    • P8.4 Moments at Work
      • moment is the turning effect of a force
        • increase by increasing size of force
        • increase distance from turning effect
      • pivot - point at which it turns
      • force of action - line that a force acts on
      • moment = force x distance (from line of action to pivot)
    • P8.5 More about levers + gears
      • a lever is a force multiplier so less force is needed - the longer the lever the less force required
        • greater force is applied when a lever is involved
      • low gear gives a low speed + high turning effect
      • high gear gives a high speed + low turning effect
    • P8.6 - Centre of Mass
      • point at which an object's mass is concentrated
      • when an object is suspended it comes to rest at its centre of mass directly underneath the point of suspension
      • centre of mass of a symmetrical object is a long its axis of symmetry
    • P8.7 Moments + Equilibrium
      • principle of moments - equal + at rest
        • sum of all clockwise moments about a point = sum of all anticlockwise moments about a point
          • w1d1 = w2d2
            • learn how to use equation to calculate force needed to stop object from turning
    • P8.8 Parallelogram of Forces
      • used to find the resultant of 2 forces that do not act along the same line
      • learn how to draw scale diagram
    • P8.9 Resolution of Forces
      • at equlilibrium when...
        • resultant force = zero
        • forces have no turning effect
      • learn how to resolve a force


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