Offender Profiling: The top- down approach- A03

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  • Offender Profiling: The top- down approach- A03
    • Only applies to particular crimes
      • 1- Best suited to crimes which revel important details about the suspect, such as murder. 
      • 2. Whereas more common offences such a burglary reveals very little about the offender.  
      • 3. Therefore, this is a very limited approach to identifying a criminal 
    • Based on outdated models of personality
      • 1. The typology classification system is based on the assumption that offenders have patterns of behaviour that is consistent across all situation and contexts.   
      • 2. Alison et al argues that is approach is naive and is based on outdated models that do not take into consideration external factors which are constantly changing.  
      • 3. Therefore, this approach may have very low validity s it is based on static models of personality. 
    • Evidence does not support the disorganised offender
      • 1. Canter et al used small space analysis and analysed data from 100 murderers in the USA. 
      • 2. The details of each case were examined using 39 characteristics that were typical of organised and dis organised offenders. 
      • 3. The findings showed evidence of a distinct organised type but not for disorganised.  
      • 4. Nevertheless the organised/disorganised distinction is still used as a model for professional profilers in the US and has widespread support


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