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  • Nature
    • Eden / wilderness
      • Rousseau The Dream. Represents a wilderness, a wild jungle out of reach of Europeans. He had never been and painted it from descriptions by explorers: animals, jungles, dark and mysterious.
      • Explorers: Mungo Park, David Livingstone created an image of Africa as paradise and wilderness. Wilderness was disappearing in Eu and NA --. wanting to cling to ideas of open, untouched spaces: 'an untouched land, unaffected by humans, a virgin territory.'
        • WRONG
          • humans had been there for thousands of years. This was irrelevant to explorers-->
            • animals
            • land
            • winlderness
            • riches
            • gold
            • slaves
            • diamonds
    • Mungo park
      • charting the Niger River. Legends of gold. When he succeeded he was greeted as a hero. Book Travels of Africa: dark,  heroic.
        • Henty 1800s: colonial quests as heroic.
    • Burton: detailed descriptions of a romanticised Africa.
    • Livingstone
      • detailed descriptions. Very romantic. Forests, lakes, rivers. Contrasted with people's assumptions of Africa; it was not dry, and was fruitful.
        • Left out anything the public at home might not find attractive, as he needed funding for his exploits.
          • slaves, disease, hostile tribes, dissentry.
    • Roosevelt
      • books, hunts, museums, introduction of monuments and reserves. Put conservation on to the policy agenda for America, and therefore the wider world.
        • destruction vs protection.
    • Development of the Code of Conduct for hunting
      • Grzimek: Maasai had no place in the Serenghetti.People did not fit in to conservation.




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