National Governing Bodies (Unit 8)

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  • National Governing Bodies
    • Coaching Roles
      • Every governing body does what it can to provide coaches who are able to coach their sport
      • Many NGBs provide specific training at various levels for coaches of their sport
      • There are usually several levels and coaches start at a basic level then work up to international level
      • Sport Coach UK is a charity to help recruit and develop and retain coaches, it currently supports 49 NGBs
    • Officiating
      • Each NGB is in charge of setting and interpreting the rules of their particular sport and therefore the training the provision of officials
      • There are different levels and qualifications of officials and some sports have both major and minor officials with different roles
      • To become a referee in football the FA stipulate you must be over 14 years to undertake the basic course and then you can develop from grassroots to semi professional to professional
    • Talent Development
      • UK Sport formed talent programmes to identify and develop athlete performance.
      • Once a talented perfomre has been identified, theire linked to the NGB the coaching support and funding is provided to enable the individual to develop their full potential
    • Competition
      • One of the main aims of NGB is to provide competition for the individuals who participate in their sport which can be individual, teams based or both
      • They are arranged in different levels so that performers can progress to the varying standards and use them to select certain teams at higher levels


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