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  • music
    • African
      • instruments: mbria, congo, djembe, balan, claves and shakers
      • african music origanated long ago when tribes danced and worshiped to the gods
      • they often used the music at events whether happy or sad and the events could range from sacrafises to celebrations.
    • vocal music
      • there are a number of different pitches tempos, rhythms and pitches that you can create
      • in vocal music you can sing, beat-box, rap or a combination of the three
    • Major and Minor
      • major and minor are the two different types of pitch of music that you can play major being the happier of the two and minor being the sadder of the two
        • a classical dance that uses the major and minor pitch is the tango in which they have a fight then break up.
    • notes on the key board
      • the notes on a key board start with a and end with g
      • the c major scale for example is c,d,e,f,g,a,b,c


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