Muscular system

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  • Muscular system
    • Responses
      • Correct fibre type recruited
      • Increased blood flow to working muscles (vascular shunt)
      • Wave summation
      • Spatial summation
      • Short-term change as a result of exercise
    • Adaptations
      • Aerobic
        • Increased capillarisation
        • More and larger mitochondria
        • More myoglobin
        • Increased resistance to fatigue
        • Long distance. Slow twitch and FOG fibre types
      • Anaerobic
        • Increased tolerance to lactic acid
        • Increased muscle glycogen stored
        • Increased cross sectional area of muscle
        • Increased power of muscle
        • Sprints. Fast twitch and FOG fibre types
      • Long- term change as a result of exercise
    • Fibre types
      • Slow twitch
        • Aerobic/ endurance- marathon
        • Contract slowly
        • Resistance to fatigue
      • Fast twitch
        • Anaerobic- sprint
        • Contract quickly
        • Fatigue easily
      • Fast oxidation glycolytic (FOG)
        • High aerobic and anaerobic capacity
        • Contract quickly
        • Moderate resistance to fatigue


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