physics P3:1

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  • physics P3:1
    • hydraulics
      • what is pressure? the fore created on a area.
      • Calculation: P=F/A
      • P= pressure F=force        A= area
      • liquids are incompressible!!
      • bigger area =bigger force
    • circularmotion
      • motion in a circle = centripetal motion
      • the speed is always constant
      • velocity=is always changing
      • acceleration is always constant
      • greater force is needed if object is heavier, faster, or for a smaller radius circle
    • stability/centre of mass
      • resolution: the smallest division (how many d.p).
      • accuracy: correct answer, true value
      • precision: consistency/ repeatability.
      • reliability: repeat results, mean(average)
      • line of action: line down from cofm to base
    • moments
      • formula: FxD
      • units:Nm
      • see saws (equal balance)
    • pendulums
      • time period
      • frequency: formula: F=1/t
      • affects: length of pendulum and gravity


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