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  • Momentum
    • Equation
      • Momentum (kg m/s) = Mass (kg) x Velocity (m/s)
    • The greater the mass of an object, or the greater the velocity, the more momentum the object has.
    • Momentum has size and direction
    • Momentum before = momentum after.
    • Stationary objects have no momentum
    • Forces cause a change in momentum
      • When a non zero resultant force acts on a moving object it causes its velocity to change. (Change in momentum)
        • Force = Mass x Acceleration
          • Acceleration = Change in Velocity/ Change in time.
        • Force Acting on an object, F = Change in momentum / Change in time
          • The force causing change is equal to the rate of change of momentum
    • Larger force = Larger  change of momentum
  • In a closed system,


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