EL othello Minor Characters Quotations

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  • Minor Characters Quotations
    • Emilia
      • 'jealous souls...are not ever jealous for the cause... (jealousy) is a monster / Begot upon itself, born on itself' (3.4)
        • These lines describe Iago's jealousy - he takes revenge on Cassio and Othello without a genuine 'cause'
        • Suggest that Othello's jealousy will feed itself
        • Ironic that Emilia is the expert on jealousy when she seems to have no clue about Iago's villainy
    • Brabantio
      • 'For if such actions may have passage free/ Bond-slaves and pagans shall our statesman be' (1.2)
        • He is outraged by he senate's willingness to accept Othello's elopement with Desdemona
        • He sees Othello as a threat to social order and stability
        • We are reminded of Othello's history - he was taken into slavery before he became a general
        • These words reveal the social attitudes of many people in Shakespeare's society: Brabantio implies slaves and foreigners should not be treated as equals
    • Roderigo
      • When he dies he calls Iago an 'inhuman dog' (5.1)
        • He realises the truth about Iago too late, and is ironically the first to recognise his villainy
        • The imagery of dogs is used repeatedly to describe Iago i Act 5; it reinforces the audience's sense of Iago's vicious character
        • It is darkly ironic that Othello will use dog imagery before he kills himself, linking his evil actions to Iago's influence
    • Bianca
      • When Cassio sends her away because he does no want to be seen with her, she says 'Tis very good: I must b circumstanced' (3.4)
        • Her words reveal how powerless she is
        • Bianca has to be content with the way men treat her, just like Desdemona
        • Bianca's acceptance of Cassio's authority over her foreshadows Desdemona's similar acceptance of Othello's authority


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