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  • Meditation
    • Is critical in Buddhism
    • There's 3 types
      • Samatha
        • Stilling the mind
      • Vipassana
        • Insight meditation
      • Zen
        • Quizzing
    • Buddhists become fully aware of reality
    • It's given to develop a better understanding
    • Benefits of Meditiating
      • Allows calming, focus and insight into reality
      • allows a Buddhist to lessen desires, cravings and attachments.
    • Insignificance of Meditation
      • More difficult for Lay Buddhists
      • Requires alot of time, space and practice
      • It does not directly benefit others
    • Bodhisattvas
      • Gives ordinary Buddhists drive and motivation
      • It's ideal in the Mahayana Tradition
      • A less strict way of life
    • Arhats
      • It's a more traditional Buddhist view (Theravadin ideal)
      • Teaches lay Buddhists during their life time
      • Acts as an example of other Buddhists
  • Is critical in Buddhism




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