Marxism and Neo Marxism and Crime

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  • Marxism and Crime
    • Criminogenic Capitalism
      • Crime is inevitable, capitalism causes crime
      • Exploited workers raise the crime levels
      • Competition encourages greed and self interest
      • Crime is a rational response to capiralism
    • State and Law Making
      • Chambliss- laws protect private property for capitalism
      • Ruling class can prevent laws that threaten their interests
      • Example? Laws which introduced tax on African workers to get trade in tea
    • Ideological Functions
      • Laws are passed to appear to benefit W/C
      • Pearce- Laws made to benefit W/C will often benefit U/C too
      • Crime appears to be W/C phenomena
        • Creates a class divide
      • Media portray criminals as disturbed individuals
    • Neo Marxism
      • Combine Marxism and labelling theory
      • Taylor, Walton and JockYoung
      • Crime is a meaningful action made by conscious actor
      • Criminals are not puppets, striving to change society
      • Full social theory of deviance
        • Taylor- understand crime to help change society for the better
        • 1 Wider origins of deviant act
        • 2 Immediate origins of deviant act
        • 3 The act itself
          • 5 Wider origins of social reaction
          • 6 Effects oflabelling
        • 4 Immediate origins of social reaction


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