Learning Theories

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  • Learning Theories
    • Operant Conditioning
      • Manipulating behaviour to shape the correct response through the use of reinforcement.
      • Stronger the S-R Bond, more likely correct response
      • Reinforcement is a process where S-R Bond is developed.
        • Punishment: Seeks to break S-R Bond, gives stimulus to prevent response occurring.
        • Positive: Achieved by rewarding the correct response, strengthening the S-R Bond.
        • Negative: Gives aversive action to wrong response, then stopping when learner corrects, strengthens S-R Bond.
    • Schema Thoery
      • Recall Schema
        • Initial conditions
        • Before movement
        • Response specifications (What is required?)
      • Recognition Schema
        • Sensory consequences - Kinaesthesis
        • During/After Movement
        • Response outcomes
    • Insight Learning
      • Learner has a sudden leap of understanding and experiences a rapid improvement in performance.
        • 'Getting the knack'
    • Observational Learning
      • Learning a skill by copying or modelling ourselves on another person.
      • Psycho-motor
        • Motivation - Learner won't perform skill unless motivated to.
        • Motor production - Leaner must have reached sufficient stage of physical development.
      • Perception
        • Retention - Visual model must be retained (create mental image).
        • Attention - Performer must attend to demonstration





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