King of the castle - Kingshaw

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  • Kingshaw
    • Victim
      • Hooper both physically and mentally bullies him
        • He knew there was no hope
      • Kingshaw beats himslef up
        • Would be beaten
    • Isolated
      • Emotionally desolate
        • Feels insignificate
          • It did not make any difference what he thought or felt or did
      • Not close to his mother
        • She doesn't understand him / care
          • He had grown use to being left to cope alone
          • She looked at him and did not understand
    • Sensitive
      • Insecure
        • Hooper had won
      • Lack of confidence
        • Stuffed it fearfully into his trouser pocket
        • Stepped back
      • Compassion
        • sentimental with animals
        • tries to comfort Hooper in Hang Wood
          • Rush of embarrassed kidness
            • Turns down the chance to seek revenge
    • Entrapment
      • At Warings
      • Hooper's bullying
      • In his mind
        • Recurring nighmares
          • Deep unease
      • Life
        • Waking was no better than sleeping
    • Likeness to Hooper
      • Starts to think like Hooper
        • This is my place, mine
        • Fielding was my friend, mine
          • Possession
            • This is my place, mine


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