Key Concepts of Chemistry-Part One

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  • Chemistry-Part One; Key Concepts
    • Atomic Models
      • Dalton's Model:John Dalton confirmed that matter is made made up of atoms.He thought atoms were solid spherical balls like billiard balls. Dalton believed that there was nothing smaller than an atom
        • Dalton's theory was quite similar to the Greeks:he believed that atoms could not be made or destroyed.
      • Thomson's Plum Pudding Model
        • Thomson discovered the electron.To explain why atoms had a neutral charge was because negative electrons were embedded in a solid positive sphere.
      • Rutherford's Nuclear atomic model
        • Rutherford's experiments showed that most of the atom was empty space and the small the nucleus contained positive particles called protons.
          • He also said electrons surrounded the nucleus but did not know they were arranged in shells.
    • Structure of an Atom
      • Electrons negatively charged and relative mass is negligible or almost zero.
      • Protons-positively charged particles and has a relative mass of 1
      • Neutrons- zero charge or neutral and mass of one.
    • Mass Number- number of protons PLUS number of neutrons
      • Atomic Number- number of protons and electrons.


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