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  • Jekyll and Hyde characters
    • Mr Edward Hyde
      • Dr Jekyll's alter ego. It is the evil version of him
      • He is a mysterious creature some probably think to  not be a human
      • Only comes to life when Dr Jekyll drinks a potion which splits his personalities
    • Dr Henry Jekyll
      • Close friend of Mr Utterson and used to with Dr Lanyon
      • Created a potion to try and destroy the evil in a human, But instead it brings it out
      • Well known and respected doctor
    • Mr Gabriel John Utterson
      • Very well respected Lawyer
      • Rational
      • Good Friend of Dr Jekyll
    • Dr Hastie Lanyon
      • Well respected doctor just like Jekyll
      • Disagrees with the experiments that Jekyll does
      • Rational view of science
    • Enfield
      • Life long friend with Utterson
      • Witnessed Mr Hyde trample a little girl
    • Sir Danvers Carew
      • Nobleman
      • One of Utterson's Clients
      • Murdered by Mr Hyde, it was witnessed by maid


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